Benefits of being an NZFBA Member


Monthly Finches Magazine in pdf format full colour emailed or you can download past copies in the member section. 
Meetings most months. Currently held in the North island south of Auckland.
Mini Sales at meetings
Free advertising in monthly Finches Magazines and on our website
Free advertising on our FB Groups - both the public page, and private members only group

Member contact and advice - expertise through our network of members and associated groups
Library resources

Information and articles - questions answered
Access to the birds straight from the breeder. 

We are an association spread across New Zealand. No matter where you are, chances are, we have members near you. As a member you get the informative monthly magazine, Finches. Articles on everything from: Livefood, Egg Binding, Sprouting Seed, Finch Diets, Worms, Aviary Plantings, and plenty of other great reading!

You are also helping the association to promote finches in New Zealand. We aim to help maintain finch species present in New Zealand as since the 90s, the importation of live birds has been banned. We are beginning to work collaboratively with other groups to develop a passerine/finch importation health standard document which will lead the way to restoring the importation of finches (from species already known to have been present in New Zealand since 1993).

Purchase leg rings for your finches in a variety of types. Are split plastic rings coloured and or numbered for $6 coloured/$12 coloured and numbered per set of 10. We sell these at just over cost to encourage good record keeping of bird breeding

NZFBA Christmas calendar showcases 12 different finches in full colour.

NZFBA Handbook (3rd edition) that summaries knowldege from over forty years of experience to hlep you successfully breed finches. Contributors include avian vet expert Brett Gartrell from Massey University Wildbase and Marcus Pollard of Clifton Finch Aviaries.

We hold association Meetings - where you get the chance to network eith other members and see other members aviaries and gain knowledge from them about how they breed their birds.At these where numbers permit, we hold mini bird sales, a sales table, lunches, raffles etc.

We are as good as our members and we'd love to have you in the group - so come and join in, come to meetings, send in letters, ask questions, post pictures, talk to other members.

On this website you'll find we have some pages that are accessible to the public - and some pages that are for members only. The whole website is about to change this year (2018) so bear with us as we update it!

The members only area has several years of back issues of the Finches Magazine, plus files and events etc.