Some photos of Finches available in NZ - taken by NZFBA Members

Under each photo is a brief description, and approximate price you can expect to see them selling for (current in 2018) - price will obviously vary depending on seller and availablity!

Click on each photo to enlarge the view, and to show any additional photos (hens or colour variations etc).

Most of these finches can be purchased, although you may have to place an order with a breeder. I've added in a couple of the hard to find finches as well. Since the last successful import in 1998, many of our finch varieties have declined or been lost to NZ. We hope we can all work together to save the remaining species.

Current price guide is available for members here

  • Gouldian (white breasted mutation) - Chloebia gouldiae
    $100-$120 per pair Three different colour head combinations can be found with white breasted mutations, black head form, red and yellow (orange). Gouldians are fairly easy to obtain and will breed well if kept in a draft free aviary or breeding cage. They can be kept with other finches, in a colony situation or as a single pair and will breed freely over the autumn and winter months. Feed requirements: good finch mix with soft food and extra green seeding grasses in the breeding season.
  • Zebra Finch - Poephila guttata
    $10-$25 per pair. These Australian finches are very popular little birds, easy to keep and breed, inexpensive, and are a perfect beginner’s bird. They can also provide quite a challenge for skilled aviculturalists with the large range of mutations that can be produced. The normal colour is grey but they can be white, fawn, pied and more! Zebra finches tend to disrupt breeding so best not mixed with delicate exotic finches - happy with Canaries, Java Sparrows and robust finches.
  • Parrot Finch Seagreen Mutation
    This mutation comes from loss of the red in the Red Faced Parrot Finch. The seagreen mutation is carried on the Z chromosome and is recessive so cock birds must carry both copies of the mutation to display it whereas hens only have one Z and show the seagreen with one copy of the mutation. ~$350 for a pair where the hen is seagreen and the cock is split for the mutation. Note a hen can NOT be split for seagreen.
  • Aviaries and accessories
    Good housing and husbandry of finches is important for breeding success. In this section you will find photos of a variety of finch aviaries to give you ideas for building your own. Healthy finches need exposure to sunshine, but shelter from damp and drafts. There are also photos of bird rooms that are safe enclosed areas for hospital cages and feed bins, gear storage etc.

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