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For those wondering about how to keep finches, for April we are sharing an article from our magazine from 2013 written by Bev Kayes

Also featured is another summary of information collated and contributed by Cath Jones from our magazine in 2010.

These are just examples of how information is still relevant over years.


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the Feilding bird sale was on this weekend!!! APRIL 15



8AM - 12:30PM

Great to see so many bird enthusiasts and although there weren't so many finches as other birds, what was there were there looking good, including cordon bleu, plumheads, gouldians, red faced parrot finches, java sparrows, quail, canaries of many shapes and sizes and colours, parrots including a galah, a couple of cockatoos, princess parrots, ringneck parrots, redrump parrots, budgies and a zebra finch still flying around the hall that escaped :(

NZFBA have packs of beautiful finch cards, some with envelopes to sell. The cards have, Red Faced Parrot Finch, Blue Faced Parrot Finch, Star Finch, Gouldian Finch, Cordon Waxbill, and an Aurora Finch. These cards are plain inside. We are selling them at $1.00 each, with envelopes, or 50 cents each without. If you would like one, or two, please let me know. or phone (04) 2399792


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