New Zealand Finch Breeders Association

Welcome to the web site for the New Zealand Finch Breeders Association! For anyone who has an interest in raising or keeping finches, we invite you to join our active Association.

At our monthly meetings we hold mini sales, and do our best to offer a friendly supportive environment for sharing our interest in finches.

We benefit from our members who are willing to share their expertise, knowledge, time and resources. We do it out of our interest in finches and because we want to maintain the populations of finches in New Zealand. Despite our best efforts, many have been lost over the years since MPI banned the importation of birds duing the 1990s.

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Events Coming Up

Members go to 'Events Page' for details.
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Everyone is welcome!! Please come and join in!
 Next Club Meeting - See latest Finches Magazine for details
 We will be printing a 2018 calendar. Details to follow!

 Annual Christmas Gathering - Sunday 3rd December 2017 at Jackie and Dave's "Eirever" Albany Auckland - see November's newsletter for the address!!