Committee and General meeting minutes

Minutes of Meeting, Sunday 10th June 2018 

At the home of Bev & Bill Kayes, Pukerua Bay 

1) Present: Joan Bakker, Claire & Gary Hollingsworth, Kevin Keown, Andy Lavery, Karen Miller, Bev & Bill Kayes 

2) Apologies: Jane & Rory Mullaney, Carena Scott, Murray Holt, Lindsay Durrant. 

3) Finches Handbook 3rd Edition 

Noted that Jane is currently drafting some amendments, which will be circulated, prior to discussion by the committee. The Handbook continues to sell steadily, so the sooner this matter is finalised the better. 

4) Census: Confirmed that additional feedback from members, on species and sub-species, would enhance the value of the census and give a truer picture of the overall situation of exotic finches in NZ. As from 2018 the Census will be taken yearly, rather than bi-annually. 

5) Andy-cate’s Art work: This is currently being advertised on Facebook, with individual members to negotiate possible purchases. The question of subsequent donations to the Association to be decided by Andy-cate Richardson. 

6) Domain Names, Website: After general discussion it was agreed that NZFBA should retain the registration of both domains, in view of the relatively minor cost in doing so. 

With regard to the revision of the website our thanks are due to Jane Mullaney and Kevin Evans, who are currently working on a more user friendly format at a reduced cost. It was agreed by those present, that the Personal Plan should meet the requirements of the Association and as noted by Jane it may be upgraded in the future. The final format of the NZFBA website to be considered by all members of the committee. 

7) Operational Document update: It was agreed that this matter should be carried forward to a future meeting. 

8) The meeting closed at 12.30pm, and all present then enjoyed a birthday celebration with Bev. Thanks to Bev for organizing a most enjoyable social occasion with food and drink to spare. 

P.S. It was noted that as from 1st July 2018 postage rates will be increased by 20 cents for a standard item. All rural delivery items are now subject to an extra $3.70 charge. A note on these new rates should be included in the Finches Magazine.

Minutes of Meeting Sunday 6th May 2018 

At the home of Andy Lavery, Masterton 

1) Present:- Claire & Gary Hollingsworth, Kevin Keown, Andy Lavery, Bev & Bill Kayes. 

2) Apologies:- Jane & Rory Mullaney, Dylan Baker, Lindsay Durrant, Margaret & Alvin Gelling, Joan Bakker, Murray Holt. 

3) Advertising Rates. 

The cost of advertising in the magazine was last revised in January 2012. After discussion it was decided that the rates should be increased, and set in round figures as follows. 

Full Year Half Year 

Full page $100 $50 

½ page $60 $30 

1/3 page $44 $22 

Back page in full colour $125. 

4) Finches Handbook 3rd Edition. 

The question of getting a reprint of 50 copies was discussed, and it was noted that Copy Solutions would hold the price that was previously quoted in October 2016. Noted that some historic references might require amendment or deletion. 

5a) Census 2018. 

Noted that Alan Hughes (3/5/18) considered that the census would be more valuable to the Association if members were encouraged to supply feedback. e.g. Relevant information, on species/sub species that they might be breeding, that are not listed on the census. 

5b) Original Artwork. 

The meeting discussed the proposition that Andy-cate Richardson should supply drawings/paintings for sale to members, on the basis of making a donation to the NZFBA funds after each sale. The question of having the art framed or unframed, and method of advertising, is subject to further discussion. 

5c) Split Rings. 

It was confirmed that we would continue to order rings from our present supplier.

APRIL 2018

Committee meeting minutes for NZFBA – Special General Meeting,

Sunday 8th April, at 11.00am at the home of Gary & Claire Hollingsworth, Levin.

Present: Phyllis and Graham Pogson, Bev (Sales Steward) and Bill (President) Kayes, Gary and Claire (Treasurer) Hollingsworth, Rory and Jane (Secretary) Mullaney, Jim Mason, Mike Knutson, Carena Scott (Editor) Apologies: Andy Lavery, Margaret and Alvin Gelling, Joan Bakker, Murray Holt, Warwick Swain & Lindsay Durrant.

At 11:20 am Bill thanked all for attending especially non-committee members and noted their importance in forming a quorum, (eight are required for general meetings) without which the SGM could not have proceeded.

Bill tabled an extract from the Queensland Finch Society’s magazine for March 2018, in which Gary Fitt, President of the Queensland Finch Society (QFS) commented on the relationship between clubs, and the ongoing impact of social media. One of the questions that was considered was whether we even need a club now there is Facebook. It was agreed that Facebook does not replace clubs and for the NZFBA, Bill felt that as long as Jane implements new systems and Carena and Claire are happy with the new systems we should be ok.

Bill advised that our financial position may not be as bad as we thought. Depending on how you apportion printing costs for example; the calendar cost $750 to print. Selling at $15 a calendar was break-even point. We have saved $1300 in honorariums and these two together represent around 2k in money that might be saved over the next year. A possible reason for some reduction in revenue was the ending of the annual NZFBA bird sale in Auckland; it was noted that mini sales at general meetings do not produce any revenue for the Association. It was felt that it is not worth reintroducing the Auckland bird sale as many small clubs are having many small sales. The changing face of the NZFBA – less are attending meetings and although skype meetings have their place, attending a meeting is always better; for one thing it is an outing and the opportunity to meet members, see their aviaries and set ups and socialise.

The new membership categories discussed and agreed on are membership, junior and overseas. 

Motion: That we reduce our membership categories to three, Membership, Junior, and Overseas. A “Membership” category can have up to two votes however if so, both people voting need to be named on this membership.

Motion: Bill Kayes/Mike Knutson. Agreed.

Claire Hollingsworth advised that to print 11 copies for the year per person (currently about 60) costs $42 which is including postage. The committee discussed the pros and cons of user pays, spreading the cost over all whether receiving PDF or printed. Bill advised that the QFS have a flat fee. Claire did the numbers and advised that if 64 members getting the printed copy paid $45 a year while those on the PDF version paid $35 it was worth $4980 and if everyone just paid $40 it was $4960.

New membership rates:







Overseas (PDF copy only)



Motion: that we introduce flat rates for membership effective immediately of $40 and $10 or junior. While overseas members pay $40 they receive the PDF version of the Finch Magazine. NZ membership is $40 whether receiving the PDF or the printed version of the Finch magazine.

Motion was put forward by Bev Kayes/Claire Hollingsworth and passed unanimously.

Note: Membership covers all scenarios including adult, family, partnership or club. The junior membership was unchanged, remaining at $10.

The format of the members list

Agreed that surnames go on it. And they have.

The format of the printed magazine

Agreed to retain the colour front page. The advertiser on the back is getting a colour page for B&W prices as they specifically asked for B&W. The advertising rates have not been updated for some years. Something to look at in future.

The price of Finch Rings

After discussion the motion was put to increase the price of coloured plain to $6 per 10 and numbered to $12 per 10. While this is only a little over cost, it was felt that it is important to encourage members to leg band in order to help keep good breeding records. Mike Knutson/Bill Kayes. Agreed.

The Finches Handbook (3rd edition)

After discussion a motion was put that the Finch Handbook 3rd edition price would increase to $20 effective immediately.

Motion: Claire Hollingworth/Bev Kayes. Agreed. Note:

The price for the Handbook should be reviewed when a quote is obtained for the next reprint.

Bev thanked Claire for her efforts and great work.

The meeting concluded at 12:15pm with shared lunch to follow.