Benefits of being an NZFBA Member


Monthly Finches Magazine - pdf/email or printed hard copy in the mail
Regular Club Meetings with speakers etc
Mini Sales at most meetings
Free advertising in monthly Finches Magazines
Free advertising on our FB Groups - both the public page, and private members only group

Member contact and advice - expertise through our network of members and associated groups
Library resources

Information and articles - questions answered
Access to birds you won't see for sale normally
Annual junior competitions - including writing, art, photography etc...

As a member you get the informative monthly magazine, Finches. In just three issues (just as a example) we have had excellent articles on: Livefood, Egg Binding, Sprouting Seed, Finch Diets, Worms, Aviary Plantings, and plenty of other great reading!

In just those same three Finches Magazines we've had FOR SALE Cordon Bleu Pairs, Red Faced Parrot finches, Ribbon Finches, Jacarini, Bengalese, Orange Breasts, Fire Finches, Cubans, Sea Green Parrot Finches, Yellow faced Star Finches - and...(not finches obviously but they go well with finches!), Yellow Turks, Splendids, Diamond Doves, Cape Doves, and Chinese Quail.

We sell leg rings in a variety of types, annually we have a full colour glossy calendar for sale, and we also sell a fabulous informative NZFBA Handbook that everyone should have a copy of!

Regular Club Meetings - often with speakers, aviary tours, mini bird sales, sales table, lunches, raffles etc...all the fun a club should have.

We have a terrific club with friendly helpful members - we'd love to have you in the group. Remember - you get out of a club what you put in - so come and join in, come to meetings, send in letters, ask questions, post pictures, talk to other members.

On this website you'll find we have some pages that are accessible to the public - and some pages that are for members only. The members only area has several years of back issues of the Finches Magazine, plus files and events etc. There's also a terrific forum where members can have
good discussions and get questions answered - a great place for friendly member interaction and information sharing. We also have a classified adverts area where members can post FREE ads for birds and equipment wanted, and for sale.

Please come and Join the Club!